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Financial Support

Our goal is to do everything humanly possible to create memories, experiences, and moments for our students that last a lifetime. Whether it be camping trips, sporting events, team building activities, tournaments, or birthday parties, we want to make sure everything we are doing has a purpose and is pointing them to Jesus. 

Would you consider supporting us as we continue to give these students an experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to see, hear, and know Jesus? 


At Cultivate Sports, we are looking for passionate people who understand that life is not about loving self, but all about loving God and others. It is about putting our needs aside for the good of the students. We rely on our volunteers to give their time, efforts, and gifts to impact the next generation. 

If you are interested, fill out the volunteer application, email us to be on the prayer team, or sign up to provide meals for our students on specific days during the week.

Volunteering Group
Takeaway Meals
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