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There is an epidemic of teens growing up without a loving adult that cares about them.

16 Million

teens in America are growing up without a mentor in their life


teens are committing suicide every year

27.5 Million

teens in the US live without their dad in the picture


 teens experience depression before reaching adulthood

So, what is Cultivate Sports doing about it?

We are building relationships in the Hispanic/Latino community to spread hope and impact the lives of middle and high school students.


We are mentoring students through life and teaching them how to make their life count for Jesus

Our deepest desire is to see students around the world understand their value in life and live out their God-given purpose.

Our Mission

We spread hope and impact the lives of young people in underserved communities through the game of soccer.

Our Vision

To create a Cultivate Center for the Greenville community that provides the whole family a place to grow and learn. Students play soccer, have a safe place to come after-school and find people who genuinely care about their future.

Our Values

To create "cultivate houses" in under-resourced communities that provide students a safe place to come after-school and find their purpose in life.

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