God has a purpose... 

The story of Cultivate Sports is really a radical story of how God gave two young college students a heart to serve the next generation..


Phil Beardslee and Daniel Herr explain the work God did in their life to bring them back to Greenville, South Carolina to start Cultivate Sports. They want to invite you to take a walk through their amazing journey and marvel at God's faithfulness.   

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It all started in the summer of 2012, God connected Dan and Phil through High Point Camp. Phil was a junior at Bob Jones University (BJU) and spent his summer counseling students at the camp. 


Dan, a high school senior at High Point Academy,

was gearing up for the upcoming BJU soccer season by training together with Phil. Throughout this time, God was creating a friendship that would later allow both of them to impact lives for Jesus through sports. 

Over the next few years, God gave both Dan and Phil different opportunities during their time at BJU that deepened their desires to play sports and impact



Phil says, being the chaplain of the BJU soccer team, counseling at High Point Camp, and using sports to share the gospel in Brazil were a few opportunities that

really deepened his desire. 

Dan says, an ACL tear in a preseason soccer game was a moment that really helped him grow spiritually, as well as, meeting his wife Miranda at High Point Camp. He says, Miranda had this desire to serve Jesus and it was so contagious giving him a deeper desire to serve people. 

Phil later finished at Bob Jones University in 2013 with a BA in youth ministry and got married to his wife Ashlee. They moved to Sacramento, CA and Phil served in the youth ministry at Doxa Church while working as a Teacher's Assistant at Brighton Elementary School. 

Dan finished up his undergraduate degree in counseling, went on to pursue a master's degree in communications, and became a student life mentor where he continued to impact lives at BJU.  


In 2018, Phil was hired on as a part-time assistant Youth Pastor at Doxa Church and was pursuing his Masters of Divinity. He continued to disciple the youth at the church hoping to become full-time in the future.

Dan finished his Master's Degree in communication, married Miranda, and began using his education in a rapidly growing small business in Greenville, South Carolina. Being able to work from home allowed him to still invest in students at his church and in the community.


Soccer Goal


In 2019, God was redirecting the plans of both Phil and Dan beginning what would become an exciting life-changing journey for each of them. Phil never became a youth pastor and dropped out of his Masters of Divinity due to financial reasons. He then started his own business called Soccer Skills University where he trained kids to be better at soccer. While he loved this new adventure, there was still something missing.

Meanwhile, Dan was working full time for a rapidly growing company. It paid the bills and provided for his family but he still had unrest in his soul about his future in the business. He knew God had bigger and better plans for his life but didn't know what that was yet. He also started praying about what God had for his future.


The year 2020, as we all know, took everyone by surprise. With a worldwide pandemic happening and pretty much everything closing down, there were a lot of unknowns. 


People were losing jobs, businesses were crumbling, and schools were all going virtual. People were living in fear. Depression, anxiety, and suicide rates amongst the youth were sky rocketing. Everything seemed to be falling apart.

However, in midst of a pandemic and a lot of unknowns, God decided to move Phil's family to Greenville, South Carolina. It was in South Carolina that God started creating a deep desire in Phil to start a non-profit that combined his love for sports, his love for the next generation, and his love for Jesus. 


After much prayer and godly counsel Phil changed his for-profit business into a non-profit called Cultivate Sports. By the grace of God Cultivate Sports officially

became a 501c3 non-profit in the midst of a pandemic. 

During that time Dan continued working hard at his current job until God showed him another opportunity.


In October 2020, Phil approached Dan asking him to pray about being a part of Cultivate Sports. After much prayer and godly counsel, Dan felt God wanted him to quit his current job and start building Cultivate Sports with Phil.  


There is one thing that rings true from the very beginning. GOD IS FAITHFUL! He is the reason all of this has happened and He will continue to be the reason for what happens in the future at Cultivate Sports. 

God continues to connect us with local individuals that have the same heart we do and we can't wait to see hope being spread and lives being impacted all across the world.

Our volunteers, coaches, and partners are all on mission to help students in the city of Greenville and create change around the world.